ZK Seaboot 800


The ZK Seaboot® 800 is a next generation sea boot that is designed to be 100% waterproof, with flexible performance and superior grip. The fully sealed neoprene and rubber upper provides 100% waterproof protection, while the ZK Sole™ provides superior grip in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring security on heeling decks and giving confidence in the toughest conditions. A waterproof gaiter features a perforated neoprene gusset for drainage and a non-stretch drawcord at the opening to keep secure. The upper and inner sole on the boot have been specifically developed to provide maximum support, whilst maintaining flexibility and dexterity for ultimate grip and protection.





  • SUPPORTIVE INNER With moulded heel & arch support
  • FLEXIBLE UPPER Gives you the agility you need to move around the boat
  • HIGH GRIP ZK SOLE™ Patented & non-marking ZK Sole™ provides ultimate grip even when wet
  • EASY PULL ON HANDLES For quick entry and exit
  • 100% WATERPROOF Sealed neoprene and rubber construction provides total protection against water
  • SILICONE GAITER GRIP To help stop your trouser cuffs rising up
  • FAST DRAINING GAITER Perforated neoprene gusset lets water flush out easily
  • INSULATING MID-SOLE 8mm neoprene mid-sole provides insulating warmth & comfort
  • HYDROMERINO® LINING Provides natural odour & moisture control

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