Womens Superwarm X Top


The Superwarm® X Top features our latest material and wetsuit technologies to produce our most durable, flexible and warmest wetsuit top ever. Designed to keep you warm in the coldest environments and conditions. It incorporates 3mm thermal insulating neoprene with our fast-drying Hydrobase® inner fleece lining. The 3D panel construction moulds to your body for an optimal fit that focuses on increased performance and comfort. Glued, blind stitched and seam taped with a high stretch, ultra-thin neoprene tape in critical areas for an extra level of waterproof protection, so you don’t lose valuable heat and with 4-way super stretch properties throughout to maximize manoeuvrability. ZiBand® arm seals provide protection against water gushes and provide a sealed connection with your gloves. Combine it with our Superwarm X Skiff, Gloves and Socks for full body protection and warmth.





  • GLUED & BLIND STITCHED & SEAM SEALED For complete waterproof protection
  • 3D BODY MAPPED FIT For the most comfortable form fitting panel construction possible
  • 4-WAY SUPER STRETCH Neoprene & nylon throughout for high manoeuvrability
  • 3MM THERMAL INSULATING NEOPRENE Provides unparalleled warmth for the coldest conditions.
  • ZIBAND® SILICONE WRIST SEALS Silicone banding creates a tight seal to avoid flushes of water
  • FAST DRYING HYDROBASE® INNER FLEECE That is soft, comfortable and wicks moisture

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