Womens Ola Long Sleeve Springsuit


The women’s Ola spring suit is crafted from 2mm neoprene to combine upper body warmth and protection, with freedom of movement and enhanced flexibility. Designed in collaboration with Zhik’s female athletes, the Ola spring suit is tailor made for watersports women.

A minimal seam design across the wetsuit reduces the areas of low stretch and maximises comfort. Raw edge cuffs enhance stretch, reduce irritation, and minimize bulk around the wrists and ankles for added comfort. The leg openings are finished with a neoprene rubber skin to create a seal against the skin and reduce water entering the spring suit during activities.

Seams are joined with Zhik’s new water-based glue formula and reinforced with soft and stretchy 4 needle flatlock stitching which ensures durability and high stretch on all the joints, while also sitting flat to the fabric to increase comfort and reduce pressure points.

The timeless pattern which is incorporated into the upper body panels has been created by a textile designer, Jess Zinga, from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is inspired by wood carvings, textures and ocean waves.

What is flatlock stitching and why is it good?

Flatlock stitching creates a seam that is flat on both sides, can stretch, and adds a decorative element to the garment since both sides show the thread. It is widely used on items where the material needs to stretch and sits close to the skin and needs to minimise irritation.





  • Body sculpted panels to give complete freedom of movement and enhanced body fit 
  • Internal zip covering to stop irritation 
  • Comfort collar for style 
  • Neoprene rubber around leg opening to reduce water flushing 
  • Large central chest zipper for easy entry/exit 
  • Water-based solvent free glue 
  • 2mm neoprene providing great torso and upper body warmth 
  • High-stretch flatlock stitching 

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