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Zhik is renowned for our high-quality dinghy wetsuits and this range of water sport wetsuits is no different, maintaining this same quality of material and attention to detail. Tried and tested features combine to create a wetsuit that is versatile but does not compromise on performance.

A minimal seam design across the wetsuit reduces the areas of low stretch and maximises comfort. Seams are glued, blind-stitched and fully seam taped with Zhik’s new water-based glue formula. This sealing system prevents any water ingress, is highly flexible and incredibly durable.

Raw edge cuffs enhance stretch, reduce irritation, and minimize bulk around the wrists and ankles while silicone strips ensure the openings won’t slide during high-performance activity. To ensure the wetsuit can withstand rigorous use, Zhik’s durable Zhiktex® II reinforcement is integrated into the knee panels to improve longevity. The short central front zipper entry allows ultimate flexibility through the upper body by minimizing non-stretch elements, while the dual layer neck seal prevents water entering the suit and allows easy access when taking the suit on and off.

For increased warmth and wind protection the chest panel has water shedding smooth skin neoprene to stop wind chill on the exterior, while on the inside is covered in quick dry and warm patterned fleece to generate warmth at the core of the body.

The timeless pattern which is incorporated into the upper body panels has been created by a textile designer, Jess Zinga, from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is inspired by wood carvings, textures and ocean waves.

What is blind stitching and why is it good?

The blind stitching process is a method where the seams are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric. This means that there is no perforation from the needle that passes the whole way through the neoprene fabric, and therefore no way for water to enter through the seam.





  • Zhiktex™ II abrasion resistant knee panels 
  • Quick Dry and warm patterned internal fleece on chest 
  • Three stage gluing process combined with double blind stitched and taped seams 
  • Front water shedding neoprene rubber torso panels to protect you from the wind 
  • Form fitting panels to give you complete freedom of movement 
  • Internal silicone print holds the ankle and wrist openings to prevent movement 
  • Double seal neck collar with front zipper 
  • Embossing on elbows enhances flexibility 
  • Laser cut drainage holes around the ankles evacuate water 
  • Water-based solvent free glue 

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