T2 Trapeze Harness


Achieve a close firm fit and get connected to the dynamics of your boat with our T2 Harness. Featuring a stretch crotch area for unparalleled levels of comfort when out on the wire and a smooth profile with no excess straps and buckles that might cause interference. The Zhik double Velcro® adjustability system provides a 2D custom fitting, helping to reduce uncomfortable gaps between your unique body type and the wire. You can also quickly tighten this harness after it is over your hips if need be. With a Kevlar reinforced seat, heavy duty buckle and strong steel spreader bar too handle any wear and tear. The T2 Trapeze harness has been at the forefront of innovation for many years, and as such has become one of the most popular items for a sailor to own.





  • PATENTED DESIGN Don’t be fooled by copycats
  • PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS For great comfort and reduced strain on shoulders
  • HEAVY DUTY BUCKLE That won’t break under the stress
  • 2D VELCRO® ADJUSTMENT Double Velcro® system provides great custom fit what it both secure, easy to adjust and won’t get in your way
  • KEVLAR REINFORCED SEAT For a super durable and protected seat area
  • INTEGRATED SPREADER BAR Made from strong quality steel
  • ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT Lets you control the height of padding on your lower back
  • STRETCH CROTCH AREA For unparalleled comfort when out on the wire

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