Seaboot 700


Unlike traditional marine footwear the Seaboot 700 is designed to be lightweight and flexible, and at only 500g it provides sneaker style agility and manoeuvrability, whilst completely protecting you from the elements.

Made for a variety of marine conditions from cruising to offshore, the Seaboot 700 is robust for commercial and offshore applications, yet light and versatile for casual conditions, with several adaptable features that allow you to modify the boot to the environment.

With a supportive mid-sole, the boot is both secure and stable yet very flexible for kneeling actions and fast movements. Importantly the specially formulated midsole provides great thermal resistance against a cold deck or very cold water.

Zhik has collaborated with Michelin in the creation of this bespoke sole design and special rubber formula. Inspired by technologies in motor racing and wet weather, the sole is designed to provide grip and maneuverability in all marine environments.

Fully lined with eVprotective membrane from eVent®, the Seaboot 700 is highly breathable, yet fully waterproof. Allowing excessive heat and sweat to escape, regulating your foot temperature.

The ultra-fast lace system not only allows you to enter the boot with ease, but also ensures a secure and supportive fit to further enhance your maneuverability. The zippered gaiter allows you to quickly secure trousers and salopettes, and the stretch gaiter prevents any excess fabric around the legs.





  • Hi-stretch zippered gaiter for improved aerodynamics with an elastic hem to prevent water flushing 
  • Multiple pull on and hang loops  
  • Michelin® multi-compound rubber with high grip tread for all conditions 
  • Hidden lace pocket to prevent snagging 
  • Lightweight construction for increased agility 
  • Durable, anti-corrosion zipper for longevity in harsh conditions 
  • Cushioned and supportive mid-sole for comfort 
  • Durable rip-stop outer facing for durability and longevity 
  • Highly breathable and fully waterproof eVent® membrane 
  • One hand quick lace system for ease of donning and to create a secure fit 

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