Red Isotak 2 Smock


Isotak® 2 brings our latest development in highly durable and lightweight waterproof fabrics combined with innovative, highly functional and robust garment design. Isotak® 2 fabric features our proprietary multi-layer composite membrane construction originally developed for Isotak® Ocean combined with a lightweight yet highly durable hightenacity nylon face. The result is an extremely lightweight and highly breathable fabrication with class leading levels of waterproof durability.

Developed to provide extreme levels of weather protection with minimal weight and bulk, Isotak® 2 provides unrivalled levels of flexibility, freedom of movement, comfort and protection. Garment features have been selected to provide the highest levels of comfort and protection with easy to use interfaces specifically designed for extreme conditions. With significant weight and bulk reductions, the Isotak® 2 range is also extremely versatile allowing sailors to use in anything from extreme offshore events through to daytime cruising.

Isotak® 2 now includes our Qulock™seam sealing system as used by our Isotak® Ocean products. The Qulock™ system includes a proprietary seam tape that is carefully tuned to the inner fabric lining to maximise waterproofness. This seam sealing is also applied under strict manufacturing processes, every Isotak® product is pressure tested, so that you can be guaranteed an extremely rugged and durable waterproof seal.





  • 3-layer seam sealed shell Our QuLock seam sealing system maximises waterproofness where it matters most
  • YKK Aquaguard Zippers Highest quality, durable water resistant zippers
  • Reflexite Patches on shoulders, wrist and hood For increased visibility at night & for the most durable zips
  • Large front cargo pocket With Hydrobase lined side entry pockets
  • Extreme Waterproof Durability Isotak Multilayer Membrane – tested & proven to be 4 times better than our competitors
  • Adjustable PU neck and wrist seals Soft and durable seals built to keep water out
  • Offshore collar with removable face shield With Hydrobase lining
  • Retains Breathability Our Isotak fabric and membrane performs well against other waterproof shell materials in lab breathability tests
  • PFD Compatible Hood Easy to operate with one hand

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