In collaboration with carbon fibre experts Carbitex®, a first-of-its-kind lightweight carbon fibre hiking pad has been developed to mould to the users leg utilising asymmetric flex profiles. Paired with this is the new seamless 3D knitted PowerPads® compression sleeve, focusing on comfort, muscle performance and breathability. The powerful combination of these two elements creates a bold new world-first medal winner.

Carbon Fibre Pad Technology
The Carbon fibre pad offers significant weight savings over traditional hiker pads, meaning quicker movements around the boat. The dynamic stiffness of the pads give the ultimate in connectivity to the boat, with the asymmetrical flexibility ensure the pads remain contoured to your legs even when hiking.

3D Knitted Sleeve
The 3D knitted sleeve gives further weight reductions to more traditional hiker sleeves. The seamless and compressive sleeve holds the hiking pad tightly in place. Made from an air-permeable knit, allowing air to transmit through the sleeve making it cooler to wear. The seamless design is low irritant and the compressive nature can assist in muscle fatigue.

Low Profile Pad Design
The Carbon fibre construction allows us to make a truly low profile hiking pad like never before, while maintaining the strength and flexibility required for hiking in all conditions.





  • Designed to work under any Zhik wetsuit 
  • High stretch 3D knitted compression sleeve Aids in muscle recovery and blood flow when hiking hard
  • Air-permeable material allows the sleeve to breathe And is therefore cooler under the outer garment
  • Low profile seamless sleeve design 
  • Ultra light carbon fibre hiking pads using Carbitex® technology Are asymmetrically flexible. Pads tightly conform to the leg and provide complete rigidity against the loads of hiking
    Low profile seamless sleeve design

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