The Zhik P3 PFD brings our popular racing PFD into ISO Certification while keeping all the great features you loved. Such as large sculpted neck and arm openings to allow for maximum freedom of movement. No unnecessary straps and buckles to create clean lines and minimal snag points. And stretch shoulder panels, large front pocket and a simple side entry for convenience and ease of use. The look has also been updated, with a more refined finish than our previous P1 PFD. Note* This item is not available in North & South America, please check out our USCG PFD instead.





  • ISO-12402-5 CERTIFIED 
  • NON-SLIP WAIST GRIP  On the inside, to limit the PFD riding up
  • NEOPRENE SHOULDER STRAPS  For soft and stretchy comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST STRAP  With strong side buckle for a tight fit
  • SIDE ZIPPER ENTRY  Allows for easy and fast entry and exit
  • SMOOTH RACE CUT  For maximum freedom of movement
  • FRONT POCKET  To store any handy items you need
  • SMOOTH RACE CUT For maximum freedom of movement

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