The P2™ PFD is a lightweight and slim buoyancy aid designed to sit close to the body. The ergonomic profile allows freedom of movement with each panel intended to flex with the body with thinner profiles on the back and spine for added manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The front pockets can be used for easy access storage or in conjunction with our Kollition™ Impact pad system to protect you from hard hits. The lightweight pads can be inserted into the front and back at any time. The inner lining of the P2™ PFD is constructed with a high-quality perforated mesh that is soft and provides high airflow and added drainage to keep you cooler and lighter. Non slip grip is also stitched into the hem to stop the PFD riding up. EN ISO 12402-5 Certified.





  • ANTI SLIP WAIST GRIP  Non slip grip stitched into the hem to help stop any riding up
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN Ergonomic design with snag reduction
  • KOLLITION™ IMPACT PROTECTION  Optional lightweight padding that can be inserted for extra protection against hits
  • LIGHTWEIGHT So you won’t feel weighed down
  • EN ISO 12402-5 CERTIFIED  
  • HIGH QUALITY LINING Perforated mesh design for softness, airflow & fast drainage
  • SIDE ZIPPER ENTRY & EASY ACCESS POCKETS  For quick on/off access and convenience
  • UNINHIBITED MOVEMENT  To keep you nimble and moving fast

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