Mens Short Sleeve XWR Top Cool , Mens Short Sleeve XWR Top Steel


Our XWR tops provide quality water repellent clothing for yachting, dinghy sailing and active sports on the water. Designed with a high stretch and super lightweight woven fabric that simply bounces water off it, helping shield you against wind and water chill, while keeping you dry. Breathable so you don’t over sweat and with UPF 50+ sun protection these comfortable and soft tech tops are great for high performance activities. The XWR short and long sleeve tops feature a relaxed fit for more general and casual use.





  • UPF 50+ Protection from the sun’s harmful rays 
  • Relaxed fit for use in a range of water activities 
  • Breathable and lightweight Keeping you comfortable in high performance activities
  • High stretch woven fabric for additional comfort and manoeuvrability 
  • Soft and smooth for the ultimate comfort 
  • Highly water repellent top that shields against the elements Preventing wind and water chill

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