Mens Microfleece X Top


The Microfleece™ X top combines the latest in materials and technologies to achieve the ultimate in comfort and flexibility for all weather versatility. Designed and developed to be a great all-rounder wetsuit for you to wear day in and day out. It incorporates 1mm thermal insulating neoprene with our fast-drying Hydrobase® inner fleece lining. The 3D panel construction moulds to your body for an optimal fit that focuses on increased performance and comfort. Strong, non-itch, flatlock stitching, brings it all together and 4-way super stretch properties throughout maximize manoeuvrability. Combine it with our Microfleece X Skiff Suit for full body protection and warmth.





  • 1mm thermal insulating neoprene  Provides warmth for everyday cool conditions.
  • 4-way super stretch Neoprene & nylon throughout for high manoeuvrability.
  • Ziband® silicone wrist seal banding  Creates a tight seal to avoid flushes of water.
  • Fast-drying Hydrobase® inner fleece  That is soft, comfortable and wicks moisture.
  • High stretch flatlock stitching  That is strong and non-itch.
  • 3D body mapped fit  For the most comfortable form fitting panel construction possible.

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