G1 Half Finger Glove


The G1 series of gloves are intended for the sailing enthusiast needing lightweight grip for warmer conditions. Extremely comfortable with an ergonomic pre-shaped pattern design and offset seams, this glove eliminates bulk and pressure points for all day sailing. A reinforced palm with targeted padding in key areas adds more comfort and performance, while a light and strong breathable upper keeps the hand cooler during use.





  • OFFSET PANELLING IN KEY AREAS  To eliminate pressure points often caused by seams in regular gloves
  • DURABLE KEVLAR STITCHING  For strong reinforced seams
  • BREATHABLE OUTER  On top of glove to vent heat and sweat
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN  Pre-shaped pattern for a moulded high comfort fit
  • LIGHTWEIGHT GLOVE  Great for warmer conditions
  • REINFORCED PALM  With targeted padding for comfort & durability

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